Security, Audio Video & Fire

Monitor and protect your assets. 

We know that not every family and business is the same.

So our customized solutions are always tweaked to consider your family, pets, employees, and customers. If they’re all special to you; they’re special to us too!

Security/Audio Video and Fire

Services We Offer


We offer both high and low voltage wiring, whether it be during construction or after

Home Automation

Manage your home lights, music, thermostat and more, all from an app on your phone

Security Alarms

Monitor your home or business from wherever you are, with an alarm system that can be turned on and off with an app on your phone

Security Cameras

Home and business cameras, customized to your specific needs and viewable by our phone app

Fire Systems

Monitor your business. Stay up-to-date with the latest requirements and inspections

Surround/Multi-Room Sound

Whether it be for your home or your business, we will make sure it sounds great

We don’t just offer installation.

We also care that you know how your equipment works, how you can use it to its full potential, and how to maintain it. With our support system available through our website and phone hotline, you can reach out to us whenever you have questions and concerns.

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