Now that people are finding more and more ways to digitize our day-to-day experiences, you’ll probably agree that the internet and technology, in general, play incredibly important roles in our lives today. 

Even at home, we enjoy the many possibilities technology has to offer through our gadgets and electronic devices. In fact, according to TechJury, “the average number of connected devices per household in 2020 was 10.”

As a business, there are countless ways to wield technology and digital tools to your advantage. And in our previous blog post, we explored the many benefits your business can reap when you work with a managed IT services provider. 

But can your home also benefit from outsourcing your IT and other tech needs? 

The answer, as we’ll explore in this article, is a resounding YES! 

In fact, here are 8 benefits you can take advantage of when you work with a residential managed service provider. 

1. Online security

A managed IT service provider is a third-party company you outsource to take care of your IT and other technology needs. And one of the most important things they should help you with is online security. 

In a digital age like ours, online threats to your security are becoming more and more devious and dangerous. If you’re not careful or your online security is not strong enough, it’s easy for these threats to infiltrate your devices and even your online accounts! 

A residential managed service provider can help you stay up to date with the latest security protections, as well as install and update your security services. 

2. Backup and cloud storage 

Our devices act like mobile schools and offices nowadays. And a lot of the time, it’s not just pictures and videos we want to keep, but also screenshots, PDFs, and even books.  

A residential managed service provider can give you options to help you conveniently backup, access, and manage your files from any device. 

3. Remote support 

Have you ever ran into a network problem in the middle of doing something and you had to wait for hours just to get in touch with your network company to ask about the issue? 

Hiring a residential managed service provider lets you work with a focused team that’s dedicated to your account and provide you with faster support for your tech problems. 

4. Ability to enjoy the perks of flexible working & learning opportunities 

During the lockdown days of the pandemic, businesses and schools had no choice but to embrace remote arrangements to continue operations. And while it took a lot of adjustment and patience, a lot of workers and students now prefer working or learning from home. 

With a residential managed service provider to help you maximize your online functionalities and provide reliable tech support, you’ll be able to take advantage of remote opportunities with more peace of mind. 

5. Maximizing usage and functionalities 

Your managed service provider isn’t just there to help you with online or digital issues; they can help you if you have trouble with your hardware too. 

They should be able to help you install, connect, or even just figure out how different buttons work or how to maximize your device’s functionalities. 

6. Device maintenance 

Aside from teaching you how to use your devices, your managed service provider can also help you with regular maintenance. This is useful, especially for more complex and expensive equipment, such as your security systems or a complete PC system. 

7. Cost-effective service inclusions 

Finally, hiring a managed service provider can save you money by providing multiple services and benefits—such as the ones listed above—in one package. Moreover, they can provide services that are tailored to your specific needs, no matter how many devices you’re using. 

At Advanced Tech, we help our residential clients by providing them with convenient, reliable, and custom solutions for all their tech needs. We can help you secure, update, maintain, and maximize your technology and devices right from home. 

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