Move over, Mariah Carey, we need more than just 1 thing this Christmas! 

With all the holiday shopping for your home, loved ones, and yourself, you’re probably waiting on a lot of deliveries all throughout this month.

But sometimes, no one is home to accept the delivery when it comes. Even when our couriers tell us that they’ve already delivered our package, we still can’t help but worry.

And for good reason! According to Safewise, “around 260 million packages disappeared from porches across America over the last 12 months.”

How can you protect your delivery packages and your home at the same time during the holiday season?

Advanced Tech and our amazing partners at can provide you with a robust security system that meets your needs.

In our previous blog posts, we’ve talked about how a security system can improve your home and office. But this time, we’re focusing on one of our favorite features— the touchless video doorbell!

It’s exactly what it sounds like— a touchless video doorbell. More than just a security camera, the touchless video doorbell uses touchless technology to detect whoever is at your door.

Whether it’s a delivery person, visitors, a house member, or a thief, the touchless video doorbell immediately triggers the chime, gives you an alert, and starts recording HD footage. Whether you’re away or at home, you can instantly and clearly see the comings and goings at your front door and take action when suspicious people are lurking about.

Moreover, because it’s synced with your security system and app, you can control and manage specific actions from your device! Here are a few examples:

  • If a delivery comes & no one is at home, your touchless video doorbell can give you a live feed and alert on your app. From there, you can also unlock your garage door or give specific instructions to the delivery person & keep your package out of sight until you come home.
  • With the touchless video doorbell, you can let visitors and family members in without rushing to the door every time. Through the app, you can see who’s at your front door and unlock the door for them on your phone if you have one of our integrated locks.  
  • It also helps you monitor suspicious activity around your home at night. The touchless video doorbell can detect when people are trying to pry your door open or steal something on your doorstep. Even when you’re asleep, it can turn on the lights, trigger the doorbell chime, and record footage to scare off the lurking intruders. 

And because it’s connected to your app, you can access the live feed from your device and control security settings even in bed.

With’s touchless video doorbell and Advanced Tech’s security experts, you can maximize & experience the many benefits of having a powerful security system this holiday season. 
Protect your Christmas deliveries and your home all throughout the year! Learn more about the touchless video doorbell & how to implement security solutions to your home. Talk to our experts here or call 866-552-9035.