Security is no doubt an important aspect of your business, whether you run a small store or operate a multi-location corporation. But during these unexpected times, it’s not enough to leave your security to simple lock-and-key systems.

It’s time to consider a smarter, easier, & more efficient method of protecting your business, employees, and important assets in and around your business.

With the help of Advanced Tech &’s Smart Access Control, you can do just that!

What is Access Control? 

If you’re not already familiar with access control, it’s a security measure that allows you to regulate who or what can access certain information, resources, or locations in an area or digital space.

Physical access control allows you to control access to physical locations, such as rooms, buildings, etc. On the other hand, logical access control allows you to control access to certain data, networks, files, etc.

And when used correctly, smart access control can provide an extra layer of security for your business that’s more efficient and convenient. 

Why do you need smart access control for your business?’s smart access control allows you to secure your resources and information, while still protecting all the other areas in and around your business. Take a look at its features: 


Mobile credentials: Your employees won’t need to carry around extra cards. All they’d need is their phone to access certain areas of your business.

Remote access management: With the app, you’ll receive real-time notifications, access real-time footage from your phone, and tweak the settings from your device.

You can also add or remove people with mobile credentials or permissions whenever you want.

Remote lock control: The app also allows you to lock, unlock, and even buzz open doors from your device, even if you’re away from the office.


Remote management for multiple locations: Smart access control also lets you have a central command center for your multiple locations. With the app or website, you can access video footage, manage employee permissions, and control locks all in one place.

Remote management for multiple access users: You can bulk add or remove access for hundreds of users at once and manage their access permissions.


Integrated video surveillance: Get real-time video footage of your access areas, as well as video doorbell calls.

Access history & insights: also keeps track of activity in and around your business to help you identify suspicious activity and give you insights about your security.

How can Advanced Tech help? 

Advanced Tech works with to provide businesses with smarter & stronger security that fits their needs. Our experts can help you determine the right access control solutions for your business, as well as help you with installation, instructions on how to use it properly, and repairs if needed.

Learn more about’s access control or get a free quote from us to get started.