Leaving for spring break? 

Aside from making sure your bags are packed and your travel itineraries are laid out, it’s also important to consider the things you’re leaving behind. This includes your home, possessions, & maybe your business. 

How can you make sure that the things you care about are secure and that your systems are not falling into disarray while you’re gone? 

With Advanced Tech’s help, you can set up home automation systems to help you gain peace of mind and fully enjoy spring break with your loved ones without any worries or hassle. 

For many years, we’ve been working with Alarm.com to provide our clients with top-notch solutions that provide excellent features such as: 


Video surveillance & monitoring

No matter where you are, you’ll have real time video feed of what’s happening in and around your home. You’ll be able to keep an eye out for suspicious activity or monitor the people, pets, or housesitter you left at home. 


Notifications & alerting systems

You can’t spend your vacation just watching your security cameras. So we’ve got you covered. Aside from video surveillance, our installed systems will also notify you if it detects certain activities or actions, like an intruder or a fire. 

When it does, it sends you an alert notification, as well as alerts the proper authorities in your area.


Remote & convenient access

It’s one thing to be able to see what’s happening, but for peace of mind, you want to be able to take action to prevent any further problems. By downloading the Alarm.com app, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your home right from your phone or device. 

Our smart systems allow you to control things such as your lights, locks & doors, appliances, fire safety systems, and even your plumbing right from the app. 


Reliable maintenance

Without regular maintenance, even the most robust systems can fail to do their job. That’s why our experts regularly assist our clients and provide them with reliable maintenance services for our installed systems. 


All these features and more are included in most of Advanced Tech’s services, especially in areas like: 


Home security
  • Monitor your home through security cameras and touchless video doorbells. 
  • Manage your front, back, and garage doors, as well as locks from your phone (No more worrying whether you forgot to lock your door when you leave!)
  • Get real-time notifications whenever someone opens/unlocks your doors.


Fire safety
  • Smart monitoring systems can help you contact the fire department/911 when you’re unable to. 
  • Be alerted about the fire’s exact location so you can adjust your escape route. 
  • Automatically turns your thermostat off when the alarm rings so harmful fumes won’t spread quickly. 


Leak & flood protection
  • The app on your phone can detect leaks and help you stop them from causing water damage and in-house flooding. 
  • Smart Water Valve+Meter can help you detect costly water issues like running toilets or excessive water consumption. 


Energy management 
  • Alarm.com’s smart systems can also help you manage your lights, thermostat, appliances, etc. Through the app, you can monitor your energy consumption, get detailed reports, and make necessary adjustments even when you’re away for spring break vacation. 


Want to learn more about home automation systems that can help you gain peace of mind while you travel or whenever you’re away from home? 

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