These days, it pays to be smarter about your security solutions. That means ditching the old ways— moats with crocodiles, fire-breathing dragons, three-headed dogs, and yes, even clunky security systems with grainy footage! 

Crooks are more clever these days. And as our society advances, so do the many ways they try to infiltrate your home & business. 

But fear not! We may not be the Justice League or the Avengers, but our security solutions can save your day for many years to come. Here are a few ways we can help: 


Smart security cameras (Your nosy neighbors, but BETTER!) 


Even your nosy neighbors need their sleep. But with crystal clear smart security cameras that can monitor your home 24/7, you’ll always know what’s going down, day or night. 

These cameras can also detect & distinguish between people, animals, or vehicles, so it doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary alerts. The Perimeter Guard feature also helps you shoo off potential intruders with loud noises or even tell them yourself to $%*@ SCRAM! (Curse words allowed during actual situation!)


Smart security systems 


Imagine having an ultimate control center for your home. A smart security system connects with all your other smart home gadgets, like cameras, alarms, thermostats, etc. 

Imagine lights turning on when you’re not there, making it look like someone’s home (even when you’re sipping margaritas on a beach). Plus, you can lock doors, monitor your home, and adjust the thermostat, all from your phone. Pretty cool, right? 


Touchless video doorbell (Who’s there? You’ll know before they even go “Knock! Knock!”) 


This is another nifty security solution we talked about in a previous blog post. The touchless video doorbell allows you to see and even chat with the people on your doorstep, no matter where you are.  

From an app on your phone, you can unlock the door for them, instruct a delivery driver to leave your parcel or take action even before an intruder gets close to your door. Who needs a peephole when you’ve got this? 


Smart access control (You don’t need no stinkin’ keys!) 


Smart access control is a great security solution for businesses— from growing startups to multi-location corporations. You can regulate access to certain rooms and buildings or even to certain data, networks, and files. 

Time to ditch bulky keychains with 748 keys jangling from them. With mobile credentials, your trusted employees can get in and out without hassle. You can control who comes and goes, restrict access to certain areas, and even track employee whereabouts – all with a few taps!


With Advanced Tech, getting smart security solutions is stupid easy! What’s more important is that you can gain control and peace of mind, knowing your home and business are protected— no fire-breathing dragon or Batman-level fortune needed. 


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