When most of the world was forced into lockdown because of the pandemic, many businesses struggled to handle the pressure and uncertainty. However, instead of treating the situation as a threat to his business, Advanced Tech owner, Rusty Stevens, saw it as an opportunity.

Looking back at 18 years of working with clients, Rusty thought of the times when businessowners would ask his staff to move outlets and install generators. He remembered countless frustrated customers trying to figure out what was wrong with their electronics when it was clearly a network problem. He thought about the many irritating phone calls to third party companies that were unresponsive and slow.

How can we help our clients get quicker, reliable, and more efficient solutions?

How can we lessen the need to call on an electrician just to move an outlet before installing a TV? What can we do so we don’t have to wait for other companies to finish their job before we could do ours? How can we be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ common needs?

Then it hit him: it’s finally time to expand Advanced Tech once again. And what better way than to include electrical and managed services?

Our new services and partners

As soon as we realized our opportunity for expansion, Rusty already had Ed Bryant and Jacob Lyon in mind. Both of them have the experience and the master-level skills in their respective fields. Both of them have also known Rusty even before the partnership started.

An electrical expert with over 30 years of experience, Ed Bryant has proven his integrity and knowledge time and time again. He stands by his work and does everything to serve those who depend on him. When it came to electrical services, the choice was unquestionable.

As for Jacob Lyon, he and Rusty had worked on a project before and have been recommending each other’s services for years since then. Jacob is a seasoned IT professional and was a one-man shop for anyone’s tech needs. With his expertise and work ethic, we are confident that our clients will receive the top notch service they deserve.

What’s in it for our clients?

From a security systems and audio/video installation company, Advanced Tech now offers electrical, network and IT services for homes and businesses!

What does this mean for us and for you? It means:

  • No more calling and waiting for your electrician or network company to do a certain job before we can install your systems.
  • If there’s a problem with your current systems, you can get quicker and reliable solutions just by calling one company.
  • We can now help you with electrical installation, rewiring, electrical damage repair and more!
  • We can now provide you with advanced IT solutions, such as network security, maintenance, update, and repairs.
  • Advanced Tech is now a one-stop full service company and we’re more than ready to help you with customized solutions for your security, electrical and IT needs!

Despite the rapidly changing and uncertain times we live in today, there’s always an opportunity for growth. There will always be a way to advance. And Advanced Tech is here to help you every step of the way; thinking one step ahead but never leaving you behind. We advance together.

Got any questions about our new services and how we can help you?

Visit our Electrical Services page, Managed Services page or Security, AV, and Fire page. You can also contact us by calling 866-552-9035 or send an email to info@advancedtech-systems.com