How much of your everyday activities depend on electricity? 

Our daily essential tasks may include working or learning, managing our business, using our appliances, making time for entertainment, etc. 

Because so much of our systems and needs depend on electricity, it’s important to be ready for certain situations, such as power outages during a storm, winter, etc.

And while preparing things like first aid kits, emergency supplies, and evacuation are necessary, one great solution is also to have a generator for your home and/or business. 

Aside from the obvious reason that it could save you from frustrating power outages, here are other significant advantages of investing in a reliable power generator. 


Unfortunately, power outages are just the opportunities crooks need to take advantage of other people. So whether at home or in your business, you’ll always want to prioritize your security. 

While most security systems these days provide functionality even during blackouts, their battery backup only lasts for a few hours and will eventually power off. With a generator, you’ll have even more peace of mind that your systems will still work at their full capacity even during emergencies. 


In our previous blog post, we discussed how important it is for businesses and homes to have a strong network. 

During a power outage, not only are your electronics compromised, but also your connection. If you manage your business from home, have remote students, or work, investing in a generator ensures that you never miss an important deadline, meeting, and opportunity. 

If you have an office, shop, or commercial building, losing your network can also compromise your business. With a generator, you can provide your team and customers with: 

  • Continuous communication
  • Accessible customer support 
  • Data backup and online security 
  • Comfortable services and experiences (air conditioning, lighting, entertainment
  • Proper storage and preservation (refrigerators, coolers, etc.) 
  • Continued services (especially for hospitals, clinics, centers, etc.) 
  • Reliable income (you don’t have to close and lose income because of a power outage) 


Whether we want to accept it or not, our society has grown to depend on electricity for basic comfort and our daily tasks.

Having a reliable generator means you can continue to be productive and still enjoy the comforts of home even when the whole neighborhood has gone into darkness. 

For businesses, having a backup power supply not only means that you can stay open and provide your services, but you can also keep providing a comfortable environment for your employees and customers. 

If you provide essential services, investing in a generator is an important thing to consider, especially during the rainy or winter season. 


We are a firm believer that every client needs custom solutions that address all of their needs and specific situations. 

That means there’s no one perfect generator for everyone. 

Advanced Tech can provide your home or business with different kinds of generators, depending on your needs— from whole-house & industrial generators that power up multiple buildings and machines to portable ones to only keep certain things on. 

We work with & recommend Generac generators for our clients because they offer various options that cater to our different clients— from homes and apartment complexes to clinics, law firms, restaurants, and more! 

Our team of experts can help you determine the power solutions that are perfect for you, as well as help you with installation, maintenance, and repair. 
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