Sure, people love your business because of your services or products. But another important factor that determines your customer retention and sales is their buying experience. 

A consumer’s buying experience is made up of things they see, hear, smell, touch, taste, think, and feel when they’re at your store or interacting with your business, whether online or in person. 

Making sure every customer’s buying experience is a good one is an important key in making them come back and buy from you again. 

Aside from making sure your services, products, and staff are as pleasant and helpful as possible, you can also optimize your business by including forms of entertainment to keep your customers engaged and in a positive mood. 

After all, according to Principles of Marketing, a customer’s mood plays a crucial role in determining whether or not they stay, buy, or leave a business. 

So how can you use entertainment to foster a positive buying experience and boost your business? 

One of the most simple ways to incorporate entertainment into your business is through audio and video systems a.k.a. TVs and speakers!

How exactly can a good audio-video system help your business? 

1. Develops a positive atmosphere and mood 

Your sensory experiences play a vital role in how you perceive a business. That’s why businesses, like Starbucks, take time to master the science of atmospherics. 

Atmospherics are the “physical factors that firms can control, such as the layout of a store, music played at stores, the lighting, temperature, and even the smells you experience.”

Having the right kind of music or show playing in your business can help you create a favorable atmosphere that motivates your customers to stay and purchase. 

After all, 84% of consumers agree that music creates a positive atmosphere for them. 

2. Reduces perceived waiting time 

No one likes to wait. And if you have a restaurant, clinic, or a retail store, waiting for your turn can be excruciating without any form of entertainment. 

A good sound system and TVs can alleviate this problem. Making your customers fixate on something other than the wall of your clinic or the back of the people in front of them makes the waiting time less boring and even entertaining. 

Moreover, if you’re at a doctor’s or dentist’s clinic, having some form of visual or audio entertainment can help alleviate feelings of anxiety while waiting for your turn. 

3. Promotes positivity and productivity for your staff 

Good music can be motivating, energizing, and uplifting for everyone. It affects your customers, but it also directly affects your employees. Playing uplifting music can help your staff be more friendly and pleasant, even when the workday is hectic. 

Moreover, in meeting or conference rooms, audio-video systems can enhance meetings with various departments or clients. Having something visual to look at can be very stimulating and engaging for everyone involved. 

4. Attracting customers 

The right kind of entertainment can also attract the right customers to your establishment. For example, if you have a sports bar, you can encourage more people to come by letting them watch the game with their friends. 

If you run a music or instrument store, having an impeccable sound system can make or break your business, since having good music quality is important for your customers. 

5. Marketing 

You can also use your entertainment system to market your business. Even if you play other people’s content, you can also display advertisements for your products and services. 

These ads can be your top-sellers, announcements for future sales or new products that people don’t usually notice in your shop. 

No matter what kind of store, shop, or office you have, there’s no doubt that a reliable and top-notch quality entertainment system can truly benefit your business. 

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