Whether you’re a music lover or musician (like Rusty), a podcast enthusiast, a film buff, or a TV show fan, you probably know the importance of good, high-quality sounds to enjoy our favorite forms of audio content. These days, there are many ways to maximize your family’s audio experience at home, such as installing a multi-room sound system!

A multi-room sound system is a network of devices, including your speakers, soundbars, amps, etc. that allows you to play & control sounds from one central device or group of devices. With Advanced Tech’s help, you can explore a variety of setups that fit your needs & preferences. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Play the same music throughout your whole house. (Perfect for parties, cleaning days, or if you’re in a band like Advanced Tech’s Rusty Stevens, listening parties for your new album!)
  • Listen to a podcast in another room, while playing soft lullabies in your child’s bedroom.
  • Have jamming sessions with your music lover friends.
  • Each family member gets to choose what to listen to, wherever they may be in the house.

No matter how you enjoy your sounds & tunes, there’s a solution for you. And Advanced Tech can help you find it. Learn more about multi-room sound systems and get a free quote from our experts!