When the New Year comes, people usually aim to be better, stronger, and more secure.

Better sleep habits lead to more energy throughout the day. Becoming stronger can improve your immune system. And being more financially secure can help you support yourself and your loved ones more, especially through difficult times. 

But as important as it is to set those goals for ourselves, we should also consider the things we have around our homes and our businesses too— like your network, for example.

A network is a group of devices, like your printers, phones, computers, and TVs, that are connected to each other and the internet. And because we rely on these devices for so many things these days (come on, let’s admit it), it’s now more important than ever to have a secure and reliable network. 

How can a strong network system help your family and your business? 

Here are some of the benefits you should not skimp on! 

Home: Entertainment 

When people bring up technology and gadgets at home, they usually think about entertainment. And who can blame them? There are literally millions, if not billions, of online content options we can enjoy. I mean, just think of all the memes your uncle has been sharing on Facebook! 

A reliable network can help you enjoy the content you love with the people you love most, whether that’s a new movie on Netflix, a cute video on YouTube, or picking the right gifs to send to your friends. 

Home: Comfort and Convenience

Your home network can also include devices such as your thermostat, your Alexa app or Google Home, or your security systems. 

These gadgets make your home a more comfortable place in the most convenient ways possible. Having a secure home network makes sure that these devices are all working properly and easily accessible, especially in times of need. 

Home: Work and Learning 

One of the biggest transitions we had to face in the past 2 years was the switch to online learning and working arrangements. And for a lot of the people affected by the change, having a strong internet connection became incredibly important. 

A strong network allows you to sync your work across multiple devices, talk to and collaborate with people from far away, learn and research new things for projects, and submit work on time. 

During a transitional period like this, a reliable network can make working and learning a bit easier and less stressful for your students and remote workers. 

Business: Efficiency 

Whether you’re an online business or not, a strong network connection can really boost your work efficiency. 

From desktops and printers to digital tools like your website, e-commerce platform, or online delivery services, your business relies on different equipment and resources to keep productivity, production, and processes working smoothly. 

Business: Improved Security 

Like a home network system, a reliable one for your office or shop can also improve your security and safety from things like theft and even fires. An upgraded security and fire alarm system can be synced and accessed through your devices and send alerts to you when things are compromised. 

Online security for your business is important too, especially if you rely on your website for sales and data. A hacked or virus-infected website not only compromises your information but can also affect your customers’ important data too, such as their credit card information and address. 

Keeping your software and plugins updated can also keep your website secure and safe online. 

Business: Communication

Having good communication with your team is incredibly important. Being able to collaborate on projects, delegate tasks and instructions, and check on their well-being is easier with a reliable network system. 

Business: Enhanced customer service

Whether you’re an online business or not, having excellent customer service is one of the top aspects that affect customer satisfaction and retention. 

With a secure network, your customer service lines will always be accessible to your customers, your team can be more efficient and reliable, and you’ll be able to help more people. 

Business: Automation 

Automation is an incredibly helpful tool for any business. You can automate things such as scheduling your social media and blog posts, automating your bills, customer messages, and emails to your team.

With a secure network for your business, you won’t have to worry about your automated systems encountering connection or update problems. 

Your network at home and in your business should be able to support you, not just at the start of the year, but all throughout 2022. 

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