According to the National Fire Protection Association, “a fire department in the United States responds to a fire somewhere in the nation every 23 seconds.”

Although most of these reported fires are caused in residential homes, commercial fires are also common. The National Fire Incident Reporting System reported that there were “16,500 office and store fires in the United States in 2020 that caused $932 million in direct property damage.”

Clearly, prioritizing fire safety in the workplace is immensely important.

How are you implementing it in your business?

Here are a few tips to help you out

  1. Get a smart fire system: Fires are unpredictable. We can try to prevent them as much as we can, but we also need a reliable system to help us protect lives and our business in case it does happen.

    A smart fire system is more than just a smoke alarm and some sprinklers. It can record footage when it detects smoke to help you determine the cause of the fire, turn off connected devices that may cause the fire or smoke to spread, help you alert the authorities, and send you alerts when you’re away from your business.

  2. Plan for fire emergencies: Have a realistic plan of action for when a fire happens in or around your area. Conduct regular fire drills or attend fire safety seminars with your team. You should also plan your escape routes, protocols for work equipment, and what you should do once you’re out of your building.
  3. Place clear & visible exit signs & escape routes: Building codes require you to have clear exit signs in place, in case of emergencies. You should also be careful not to block your escape routes, even when there are no fires.
  4. Make sure you have working fire safety equipment & know how to use them: Does your business facility have fire extinguishers? Sprinklers? Are they working and do you know how to use them? Make sure your business is equipped with safety equipment to help you mitigate fire emergencies.

Advanced Tech has helped various residential and commercial clients with their fire systems. We understand how imperative it is to protect the ones that mean the most to us. We want to help you stay alert, stay safe, and stay in business.

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