Whether you’re a home or business owner, you’re probably concerned about saving energy and saving money on your utility bills.

Thankfully, there are smarter solutions to your everyday energy problems, and they don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, smart systems— such as alarm.com’s— can help you save more money in the long run for your home and business. 

Here’s how Advanced Tech & alarm.com can help you: 

Manage your energy use.

Knowing how much energy you use in your home or business can help you improve your energy efficiency. A smart thermostat that’s linked to other smart devices can monitor your energy usage for each device and help you plan for more efficient energy usage. 

Automate your energy saving.

Automation is amazing! With smart automation systems for your home and business, you can set certain time patterns for when your lights, thermostat, security cameras, etc. turn on and off when you close your shop, leave the house, go to sleep, and more. 

Control your lights, appliances, and thermostat even when you’re away.

Now that the world is opening up again, you likely have more plans, business opportunities, meetings, work, and school to go to. 

If you keep forgetting to turn off your lights, lock your doors, or get anxious about running appliances, alarm.com’s smart automation systems are your best friend! Even when you’re away, you can still control your lights, locks, thermostats, smart devices, security systems and more from their app. 

You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that everything isn’t running while you’re away and you won’t get crazy utility and energy bills! 

Save water too.

Energy isn’t the only thing worth conserving. Your water usage affects the environment and your bills too! 

Alarm.com doesn’t only take care of your security systems, lighting, temperature and locks; it can help you manage your water and prevent leaks and floods too! 

The alarm.com app sends you alerts about leaks, water damage, and even prevents your pipes from freezing through Smart Water Valve+Meter’s water temperature monitoring. 

There are smarter ways to manage energy in your home and business. Alarm.com and Advanced Tech can help you find the best, convenient, and efficient solutions for your needs. 
Learn more about Alarm.com on their website or get a free quote from our experts.