Movies, music, podcasts, audiobooks, video games— most of our home entertainment involves audio or video systems or both. And like most things in life, the things that entertain us are best shared, especially with the ones we love at home.

Looking to get some high-quality audio-video systems for your home?

Advanced Tech provides custom audio-video solutions that you can control from your devices and that fit your home, preferences, and needs.

Are you a household that loves to binge-watch series or movies together? We can help elevate your family favorites to blockbuster-level experiences with a home theater! Depending on your space & other factors, we can help you choose the right TV size and set up the right surround sound system that fits with your video output.

If you do not have room in your home for a home theater, you can still have a 5.1 or a 3.1 surround sound system in your home for a great experience.

Do you love to jam to your favorite music or play instruments together? A multi-room sound system can upgrade your listening experience as a family. You can each play your faves in your own rooms at the same time or synchronize your audio systems.

Where should you install your audio/video systems?

We recommend:

  • The kitchen & dining room: where you gather and eat with friends or family.
  • The master bathroom: you spend a lot of time getting ready each day.
  • Your back deck/porch: having music out here is nice when having company over on a nice day.
  • Kids room: this can provide engaging entertainment or educational resources.
  • Home office: for focus music, conference meetings, or to help lessen stress with background music.

Audio-video systems can help elevate your entertainment experience and enjoy moments with the ones you love. And if you have a business, they can help boost it too! 

Whether you need help setting up or finding the right AV systems for your home or business, it’s best to go to the experts. Get a free quote from Advanced Tech here or call 866-552-9035.